Giving to Tyndale
Victoria  Edwards

Victoria Edwards

“Imagine you are a mother who has been in labour for 38 hours. It’s around 9 p.m. Your labour pains have increased, but you are unable to deliver your baby naturally. You avoided going to the hospital because your family can’t afford the transportation, let alone the health care fees. If you don’t get to the hospital soon, you and your baby will be at risk of infection which, without antibiotics and an emergency caesarean section, will be fatal to both you and your child.” This is an example of what Victoria Edwards [BA 2014] saw in Uganda.

Victoria has been dreaming about working in maternal health since her second year of university, but she never expected that she would get the chance to shadow midwives in Uganda with Save the Mothers, an international organization that works in developing countries to improve the health of mothers and babies.

She spent the summer of 2014 in Uganda as part of her internship for the Business Administration - International Development program at Tyndale University College. At Tyndale, Victoria was academically prepared and given the opportunity to experience first-hand what reality is like on the ground.

“My professors at Tyndale worked with me to turn my dreams into reality,” says Victoria. “Tyndale has prepared me to effectively manage myself and to lead teams of people. I am confident…because I have been given the knowledge necessary to succeed in the field.”