Giving to Tyndale
Peter Choi

Peter Choi

“Several of my professors and fellow students at Tyndale prayed for me to become an agent of change in this world,” says Peter Choi [BA 2013].

These prayers worked. Peter is now a graduate student in the University of Ottawa’s Juris Doctor (JD) Common Law program. God has called him to become a human rights lawyer with a focus on human trafficking issues.

After going on several short-term missions trips to countries in Southeast Asia, God spoke to him in a powerful way. “I believe that He wanted me to become an advocate for those who have been trafficked and exploited in the sex trade,” says Peter. “My wife and I have a heart for Southeast Asia and the human rights issues that are prevalent in those nations.”

Professors, classes, students, chapels and short-term missions all played their unique role in creating a desire in Peter to go out and change the world.

“The academics at Tyndale taught me to think critically. As a history major, I learned to dissect the evidence of the past, and objectively analyze and illustrate it. The amount of reading and writing that was required in each class prepared me for law school.”

Peter saw a difference at Tyndale. “I am not sure if I would have had the same relationship with my professors and fellow students at other universities in Toronto.”

He is thankful for the financial assistance he received from Tyndale supporters. “Scholarships were the primary reason why I was able to continue studying at Tyndale,” says Peter. “Being an international student, I was not able to get any government loans so I heavily relied on the scholarships that Tyndale offered. Without them, I would have had to drop out.”