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About Tyndale

Why Tyndale

Tyndale’s founders in 1894 represented distinct Christian traditions. Tyndale has always been able to convene people from diverse groups and backgrounds. Our community represents more than 40 denominations and 60 ethnic backgrounds. The diversity at Tyndale adds value to our educational experience by encouraging openness and respectful dialogue. Tyndale embraces its mission to gather the Christian community together in the common desire to be agents of Spirit-led transformation in a broken world.


The vision of Tyndale is to shape women and men who will be God’s agents of transformation in the world. Tyndale will fulfill its mission by providing unique educational experiences not available at secular universities and other seminaries. The outcomes of our work in the classroom will be visible in the places where Tyndale alumni live and work. We believe that God has prepared us for this mission at this time.

Academic Standards

Tyndale maintains high academic standards ​in a distinct way. Students receive more than an education. They are invited to share in the lives of faculty and staff in a manner that is not offered at other centres of learning. The commitment of professors, the intimacy of small classes, and the engaging community formed by students makes education at Tyndale a time of growth where values are formed, character developed and knowledge expanded. 


Tyndale has never been content with the status quo. Programs in the University College, Seminary or in the Tyndale Open Learning Centre are innovative, creative and accessible. Tyndale’s mission inspires us to relentlessly expand our vision and seek new ways to shape leaders who will change the world.